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Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action – 20 years later

Speech of Zita Gurma, PES Women President at the IUSY Festival 2014, Malta, 21 August 2014

During the IUSY Festival 2014, which took place from August 20th to 26th in Malta, the Feminist Working Group was very active and organised a number of sessions. I had the chance to discuss with women from different countries in a workshop on „Feminism in Development – The Beijing +20 UN Women Agenda“.The podium was composed by Rafaela „Paeng“ David from Akbayan Youth in the Philippines, Zita Gurma, President of PES Women and myself and was prepared and moderated by Anna Bruckner from the Young Socialists of Austria (SJÖ).

Zita Gurmai was so kind to agree to publisch her speech on this blog, so she is my first guest writer ever, which makes me proud and grateful. In the first part, Zita Gurma gives a quick overview of the developments that shaped the so-called „Beijing Platform“ and brought us to today’s situation. In the second part, she concentrates on what PES Women put forward in the context of the Beijing 20+ and vision they would like to see for women; the young women who will have to reclaim ownership and the older generations to pass on the knowledge and experience.