Check: Panel Watch in Brussels

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„Ooops, so sorry, we did not find women for our panel…“

„Panel Watch“ is great new initiative to check the gender equality of institutions, organisations, parties, companies, think tanks, NGOs, social media and many more in Brussels when it comes to visibility of women in policy debates.

You need a Twitter account to be part of it, in order to follow @PanelWatch As the initiative aims at collecting data on the percentage of women/men in public debates in the Brussels arena, they need your help whenever you go to a political event in Brussels. The more we share information, the clearer the status of women – and the stronger the pressure on all those who can and must change their invitation policy. Just tweet the numbers of women and men whenever you are at an event, this will help. Do not forget to mention the event (check their hashtag) and to add „@PenalWatch“.




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